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Doing You is Okay on Your Wedding Day

Few people know that "bridesmaids" were originally intended for protection for the bride to make sure no one would steal her dowry before the wedding. The best man on the other hand was there to make sure she didn't get cold feet and run away during the ceremony. It was a symbolic relationship, unlike today. I think we can all agree that times have changed, but for most couples they still feel the need to hold on to some of the old traditions despite the times. Which caused me to wonder what would happen if we shook things up a bit. For instance, what if the bride decided that she wanted to wake up next to her future husband on her wedding day instead of getting ready with the ladies. What if instead of beer or whiskey shots with the guys, he helped her get ready, lovingly kissing her throughout the day and holding her hand as she sees herself for the first time in her wedding dress on their wedding day. In walked our modern couple and the result was a beautiful, romantic and inspired day.

Our focus here was to tell the story of a modern couple who was okay with finding intimacy, solitude, and joy in each other. We wanted to showcase their lifestyle and give a voice to how their unique attitude towards things could help translate into and elegant wedding design. They are a couple that does not conform to traditional gender roles but showcases a bride that is bold and beautiful and a groom that is kind, charming and nurturing. We chose a color palette with varying shades of gray to show their strength and commitment as a couple and included shades of ivory, white and blush to represent the femininity, softness and romantic vibes.

Similarly, we included bold textures like slate, marble and in the use of stone vessels and velvet linens. We softened it with silk ribbon, and paper goods with romantic custom calligraphy including the menu cards, invitations, and other paper goods. The ceremony included sleek silver chairs and beautiful aisle arrangements that we repurposed for the reception. On the tables we used modern and clean tableware which went well with the chic personal style of the couple. It was the perfect backdrop for the delicious food and simple yet elegant cake that the couple chose.

Classic wedding designs and our team of experts were able to capture every moment from beginning to end. We enjoyed creating this design inspired by love and life. We would love to help you tell your story in the same way.

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