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Finding a Wedding Venue in Nashville

Venue seats up to 400 guests
Clementine Nashville TN

Finding your dream wedding venue in Nashville is more than just an important step in the planning process. Your wedding venue sets the tone for your big day and can inspire everything from your color scheme to your attire—and once you've booked your venue, you've officially "set the date" for your special day. Throughout the venue booking process, you'll want to make sure that a space checks certain boxes before signing on the dotted line. By following this handy guide, you'll ensure you have all your bases covered before securing the best venue for your wedding day.

Finding a venue is one of the first steps of your wedding planning journey. At Classic Wedding Designs we recommend booking your venue at least a year out from your wedding day to make ensure you have the greatest chance to get your first choice. With the current wedding boom in Nashville, the sooner you can start your venue search, the better, as some spaces are filling up 18 months in advance (or more!). While you might feel ready to dive into the venue hunt, there are a few pieces of information you'll need to gather before getting started:

  • Your total wedding budget, and more specifically, your venue budget

  • Your estimated guest count (you don't need an official guest list yet)

  • The season and year that you're targeting for a wedding date (or a few more specific dates that work for your big day)

  • Your desired wedding location (Nashville, Brentwood, Franklin, etc.)

  • The type of wedding venue you're looking for (hotel, beach, garden, country club, all-inclusive)

  • Whether you're hosting your wedding ceremony and reception at the same or different venues

  • If you'll be hiring a wedding planner before or after you choose your venue (we suggest before)

According to The Knot Real Wedding Study, the average couple spends $10,700 on their reception venue, out of a total wedding spend of about $38,000 in Nashville—but you can certainly spend less or more than that amount, depending on your location. You'll probably pay more for your venue and catering than anything else wedding related, so it's important to take this decision seriously.

When you're ready, finalize your decision and reserve the site (meaning, sign the contract and put down a deposit). Make sure you have confirmation of your reservation in writing (email or hard copy contract).

Let us help you find your perfect venue and plan your perfect wedding. Reach out to us to schedule your no obligation consultation.

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