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LGBTQ Weddings in Tennessee — How to Show Your Pride on Your Big Day

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

We know how difficult it is to find vendors who work with same-sex weddings and we love helping our customers avoid the stress and heartbreak that comes with interacting with vendors who don't want to work on your wedding or event. We streamline the process and put you in contact with top notch vendors who are inclusive and ready to serve you. At Classic Wedding Designs, we absolutely love the month of June. It’s Pride month 2022, meaning it’s a time to celebrate all the beautiful versions of love that exist in our world. And in the seven years since the Supreme Court ruling to legalize same-sex marriage nationwide, we’ve seen a lot of that love — and some stunning celebrations to go with it.

Whether you’re an LGBTQ couple or an ally, we’re breaking down a variety of ways to incorporate Pride into your wedding planning, ceremony, and celebration!

Sprinkle in a splash of color.

Already decided to fly a rainbow flag at your reception? Amazing! If that’s not your thing, consider incorporating a vibrant flare through your attire or decor. Try sprinkling in a splash of color with a unique bowtie, dip-dyed florals or colorful dancing shoes. (Trust us, you’ll be grateful for the comfort of a sneaker by the end of the day.)

Bright colors aren’t your thing? No problem! Play around with other unique choices. We’re inspired by this couple, who turned the tables of attire by wearing black and instructing their guests to wear white.

Serve cocktails with a Pride-centric spin.

Another creative way to commemorate Pride in your celebration is through your specialty cocktail recipe. We adore this cocktail, a drink featured on the menu at the historic Stonewall Inn. Make it your own by naming the drink something significant to you and your partner. You can even put a sign out on the bar with a short and sweet explanation of the meaning behind the recipe and the name.

Classic Wedding Designs works with vendors that support the Nashville LGBTQ community.

Nashville has a rapidly growing community of LGBTQ-owned businesses, as well as those that boldy support and represent the community. We love Bode Nashville for intimate celebrations in the downtown area. If you’re leaning toward a grand celebration with stunning architecture, Union Station Hotel won’t disappoint. The venue claims: “We believe in love…. loving someone and being loved by someone. This is a feeling to be enjoyed by all.” And we couldn’t agree more.

When it comes to photographers, we have our own in-house photographer who loves photographing love of all kinds. And of course, Classic Wedding Designs for all your wedding planning needs.

While the legalization of same-sex marriage was long overdue, LGBTQ couples can use the newness as a permission slip to make their weddings their own. There are absolutely no rules!

We streamline the process and put you in contact with top notch vendors who are inclusive and ready to serve you in Nashville or beyond. Click here to schedule your no obligation consultation. Classic Wedding Designs would be honored to assist you in crafting a ceremony and celebration tailor-made for you and your partner. We’re committed to incorporating the details, both big and small, that boldly represent the beautiful, proud couple that you are!

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