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Same-Sex & Multicultural Wedding in Nashville, Tennessee

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

It was such a pleasure and an honor for us to work with this couple. They say it was love at first sight between the Two of them & it was also love at first sight when we met them as well. Their love story was truly something special and we loved helping them take that next step.

We only had Three months to plan this wedding and we were so lucky and grateful to have a beautiful lakefront home in Nashville, provided by one of the officiants in which to make it happen. When we first sat down with the couple, they told us that in no uncertain terms that it had to Pink everywhere. Miko's favorite color was Pink and so began our journey. The first thing we did was set up a consultation with a florist to talk about what the florals needed to look like for the wedding. What was decided on was flowers in many pink Hughes including hot pink roses to give it a big pop of color.

Miko chose to wear a traditional Indian Saree made of hot pink silk with gold accents. And Caren was stunning next to her in a crisp white linen suit with a soft pink blouse. The Wedding Day was perfect with lovely weather an thankfully no rain, which had been in the forecast all week. On the day of the wedding, the Alter was decorated with a simple green garland with soft pink flowers. The tables around the beautiful estate were adorned with varying heights of floral arrangements, all bursting with Pink blooms. The dinner tables was topped off with two low centerpieces filled the pink flowers of every shada and capped off with Ivory candles, and gold and crystal dinner dinnerware.

In the end the couples wedding day was a beautiful success even with the short wedding planning time frame. Thank good ness they called Classic Wedding Designs to help them pull off this wedding in less than 3 months. On the day of the wedding the couple was able to just sit back and relax! Myko and Caren loved being able to celebrate their love with their friends and family in their intimate wedding. We love helping couples bring their special wedding day to life. If you would like us to help you bring your vision to life, then the next step is to fill out our contact form to schedule your consultation.

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