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Using Color to Bring it All Together on Your Wedding Day

We are all about a couple that loves to play with color – a creative combination, a fun pattern, or an unexpected accent can not only add a dose of your personality to your big day, but it can also take it from pretty to WOW! There are so many details, places, and ways you can incorporate your special hues, so we turned to the experts at BBJ Linen for some advice. Here they break down some of their favorite ways to tie your entire wedding day look together and how to tell your story as a couple through your color palette.

Create a Color Palette With Multiple Colors

Instead of simply sticking with a single color, try to incorporate a wider palette that uses multiple colors. Whether you opt for shades of your main color or a contrasting color, integrating more color into your wedding’s décor creates visual interest and allows you to include fun touches to your tables and overall wedding design.

Create a Backdrop of Color With Your Table Linen

Your table settings are the ultimate way to create drama with your color scheme. Table linens in various hues create a colorful backdrop for place settings, centerpieces, and other table design elements. Add more interest by choosing linen with a metallic sheen, textured fabric, lacey overlays, or with a unique pattern that reflects your personalities. Don’t forget to give ample attention to other types of tables such as escort card tables and cake tables, as these also contribute to your overall wedding look.

Add a Pop With Napkins + Table Runners

Napkins and table runners are a must have for any well-dressed table. Like bows on presents, napkins bring just enough touch of pigment to your table setting, which makes them perfect for adding bright and rich colors. Whether you want to go bright and fun or elegant and dark, using napkins is a great way to incorporate color into your wedding. Likewise, table runners are a great way to add texture, layers, and color to your overall design. They also help focus attention on other important elements like your floral arrangements or centerpieces.

Use Tableware, Glassware, Chargers, + Napkin Rings for Subtle Color

Just like your wedding dress wouldn’t be complete without a little sparkle and shine, table accessories are an easy way to add subtle color to your entire event. Chargers are a fun way to tie your color palette together and give it a glam, vintage, or modern vibe. Napkin rings can add a bit of bling or metallic accents as well. Tableware and glassware also give you the option of adding complementary colors to your chosen color scheme. Whether you want to add touches of metallic like golds and silvers, or you want to use muted shades of your chosen hue with colored glassware, tableware and glassware are the perfect opportunity to add subtle hints of color while brining your entire style together.

The Perfect Colorful Addition: Flowers

Floral arrangements add natural hues to your wedding, complementing the colors of your table linens and other décor. The fresh appearance and subtle scent of flowers make the entire event feel lush and inviting. The florals chosen for bouquets or boutonnieres for the bridal party along with the table floral designs are vital elements in your wedding style. For a subtle look, opt for monochromatic florals with one of your colors. Another option is to incorporate multiple hues for a bright, joyful look.

Use Color to Designate Venue Spaces

Your palette is a great tool to that allows you to tell a story throughout the entire venue. Having an outdoor wedding? Opt for colors that play best with the scenery. An indoor wedding? Pick out hues from the reception or lounge area to play with. Add color and flair by using decorative pillows in the lounge areas and tying the look together with highboy tables with similarly colored cuffs.

It’s All in the Details

Here are a few more ways to pump up the color on your wedding day:

  1. Serve a signature cocktail that incorporates your wedding color

  2. Print invitations on colored paper or use colored ink on neutral paper

  3. Choose colored lighting for the reception and dance floor

  4. Add unique take-home favors at each table setting, with a ribbon or wrapping in one of your colors

Telling Your Story with Color

Adding your colors to the ceremony and reception in all design elements, down to the smallest details, is a perfect strategy for making your wedding and reception unique and memorable. Whether you have selected a single color or multiple complementary colors, incorporating color and texture into every element of your wedding ties the design together to create a truly enchanting vision on that special day.

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