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What is Wedding Management?

In late 2022, Classic Wedding Designs began offering Wedding Management Packages to our clients. I can't tell you how often we had to explain exactly what it is, so going into 2023 Wedding Planning season, I wanted to take a moment to explain in a little more detail What it is and how our clients benefit from it.

Wedding Management goes beyond Day-Of Coordination. It is a broad-based plan that allows us as planners to support you during the planning process but goes beyond just Day-Of. Here are some benefits of Wedding Management and what working with Classic Wedding Designs might look like.


  • Our Client Portal has tools to help you track tasks, budget, guest list, and more - access begins when you sign your contract!

  • We’ll meet with you and your venue coordinator to review the setup details and schedule for the wedding day, and then we’ll confirm all the details with your team of wedding professionals.

  • We’ll attend the rehearsal and make sure everyone knows when to walk, where to stand and what to do.


  • On the wedding day, our team will be on-site for unlimited hours to execute all the wedding plans with your vendors, families and guests

  • We’ll act as the “conductor of your orchestra,” keeping things running on schedule (or adjusting for unforeseen changes), working with your vendor team to be sure you receive the services you’ve contracted, and making sure that you, your friends and your families get to enjoy the day!

The Wedding Management package is where we coordinate your ceremony rehearsal and your wedding day. Our package is excellent for the couple who is comfortable with planning but wants to remain relaxed along with their family and friends on their wedding day knowing every detail is taken care of by certified wedding planners. This package is perfect for weddings that are only 2-4 months away.

So, this is a ridiculously long-winded way of explaining that we now offer “wedding management” rather than “month of coordination”. While it’s pretty similar to month of coordination, its better and more involved. And we do it because we love what we do, we love our clients, and we want our clients to get the most from wedding planning. CLICK HERE to schedule a consultation to determine if Wedding Management is exactly what you need.

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