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Same-Sex Marriage Around the World

Lesbian Wedding at Hotel in Downtown Nashville TN
Lesbian Wedding Nashville TN

In recent years, same sex marriage has become legal in many states in the United States and a growing number of other countries. In London, the UK's Parliament recently legalized same-sex marriage in Northern Ireland who had previously barred gay and lesbian couples from marrying; however, same sex marriage has also become legal in Austria, Ecuador, and Taiwan.

Still in some countries the legal change has come from the courts who have legalized same-sex marriage. Tennesse, like most other states, legalized same-sex marriage after the US Supreme Court Ruling in Obergefell v. Hodges on June 26, 2015. In Taiwan, the change came after Taiwan's Constitutional Court struck down a law defining marriage as being between a man and woman, hence the change in the law on May 17th of 2019.

Most of the countries that allow gay marriage are in Western Europe. Still, there are a number of Western European nations like Italy and Switzerland that continue to ban same-sex unions. So far there are no countries in Central and Eastern Europe that have legalized gay marriages. In Africa, gays and lesbians were only allowed to wed in South Africa beginning in 2006.

In the Americas, Ecuador and the U.S. in addition to Argentina, Canada, Columbia, Brazil and Uruguay have legalized gay marriage. Some jurisdictions in Mexico also allow same-sex couples to marry. Whether it's in Tennessee or beyond, we believe at Classic Wedding Designs that love is love and we would welcome the chance to help you form that perfect union. Click here to schedule a consultation.

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