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Tips for Planning a Multicultural Wedding

Classic Wedding Designs helps our multicultural (or cross-cultural) clients showcase what is important to them, while trying to make both sides of the aisle feel included. We love planning multicultural events and here are a few tips that we give our clients when they start to plan.

  1. Get both sides of the family on board to make sure each side understands the other's customs and traditions.

  2. Pick a venue and vendors that will accommodate you. We pair our couples with hand selected vendors that are experienced in navigating the logistics that come with planning such a special wedding.

  3. Personalize the ceremony to highlight the different cultural traditions. One of the first things we do when meeting with a couple is determine what is most important to them when it comes to the ceremony, reception and incorporating traditions during their wedding.

Multicultural weddings come with their own unique challenges when it comes to wedding planning. We help couples navigate those sometimes-choppy waters. Hiring a planner should be high up on your list of priorities not only for unique ideas, but also as a credible source for new ideas. We are here to help you blend your cultures smoothly and in the most beautiful way possible. Contact us today to schedule your one-on-one consultation to discuss your dream multicultural wedding.

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