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Wow Your Guests with Spectacular Wedding Lighting

If you’ve seen enough weddings, you’ll know that lighting can truly transform a space and that a lack of it can leave your reception feeling…well, lackluster. Not only does light serve a purpose of allowing guests to see in the dark, but it also creates your reception’s ambiance. If you’re looking for unique wedding lighting ideas that will seriously impress your guests, gather your inspiration below!

Plan for Sunset and a Successful Migration of Guests Adding beautiful lanterns to your space can be done in a way that strategically shows guests where to go for their next event. Plus, during sunset, the glowing light that leads guests from cocktail hour to dinner will be so magical!

Make it Rain We were able to source these twinkle lights that mimic rain. Aren't they gorgeous!

Light it Up When planning a wedding or wedding reception in a tent, you will have so much room to play with lighting. Installing a unique lighting setup will make the space feel more romantic and it will truly come alive. You can also use light to cover poles in addition to gorgeous fabic will give your wedding guests something interesting and beautiful to look at.

Lights in Many Shapes and Sizes For the wedding below we used beautiful geometric shaped lights to light the space. The lights and the greens helped us bring the outdoors in for a truly organic yet beautiful look. Not only is it unique, but the lighting also enhances the space.

Let Your Lights Frame Your Layout Our client insisted on a maypole style set of lights at their wedding that met in the middle and really did give the space a wow factor. It really helped us to define the space and gave the guests something to talk about other than the awesome food.

Lighting Makes a Statement Light elements are becoming larger and grander. Lighting is no longer an afterthought but is very much a part of decor design. Lighting makes a beautiful statement while also illuminating the space.

A Spectacular Display of Light When you think of lighting, do you think of fireworks? If you haven't before now, then you should. Fireworks will light up the sky and you will also see the gleam in your guests' eyes. Although fireworks at your wedding may be brief, they are certainly a way to wow your guests and end the evening with a bang!

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